Thoughts from a Queen-Sized Bed

Bison Books, 2003

“I laughed and sighed and loved reading Thoughts from a Queen-Sized Bed from start to finish. Schwartz, who is a writer, professor, wife, mother, and friend, resists stereotypes of class, gender, and age to find or make, in lovely, clear prose, the sweetness of life for her audience. Do yourself a favor. Read this book.” —Hilda Raz, Author of Divine Honors and Trans

“This is aimed at anyone interested in a thoughtful, humorous, poignant and honest look at love and marriage and family. Since not one of us can lay claim truly to being a specialist in this field—we are all amateurs when it comes to matters of the heart—this book is, then, for us all.” —Bret Lott, editor of Crazy Horse and author of Jewel, an Oprah Book Club selection

In this startlingly funny and honest book of personal essays, Mimi Schwartz describes what it means to stay married to your high school sweetheart for fifty years.  With refreshing candor, Schwartz captures the ups and downs of a working marriage, with its mix of independence and togetherness, in essays that are wise and warm without being sentimental.

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