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Mimi reading in Berlin

Below is a sampling of talks and workshops that Mimi Schwartz offers to libraries, writers’ conferences, Holocaust centers, university classrooms, synagogues, and teacher institutes. For more information, contact


Small Decencies: Do They Matter?
In a small German village, a Torah was saved not by Jews, but by their Christian neighbors. Who were they? How do they remember life before, during, and after Nazi times? These questions shape the talk and reading, based on Schwartz’s award-winning book, Good Neighbors, Bad Times - Echoes of My Father's German Village

Reentering History through Storytelling
Using her own research into family history through interview and immersion journalism, Mimi Schwartz reveals the way in which oral history can help to retrieve what history books can’t tell us. This talk can include a workshop component, if requested.  

Marriage: What You Get and Give Up For It
Mimi Schwartz discusses the ups and downs of marriage, as portrayed in her book, Thoughts from a Queen-sized Bed. In this talk and reading, she tells some of the stories that reveal the tips and caveats—and empathy and humor—that can make all the difference in a shared life.


From Memory to Memoir
How do we turn fragments of memory into stories that others care about? This writing workshop focuses on the many ways to shape life experience into narratives that are both true and interesting. Based on hands-on activities for getting started, finding voice, using research, and revising, as found in Writing True, the Art and Craft of Creative Nonfiction by Mimi Schwartz and Sondra Perl.   

Writing Your Family History
This workshop is for those interested in writing down family stories so that others will want to read them. Using examples and caveats from Good Neighbors, Bad Times - Echoes of My Father's German Village, and from Writing True-The Art and Craft of Creative Nonfiction, Schwartz addresses questions about how to start, how to use research facts in ways that enhance the narrative, and how to shape fragments of information and memory into full stories.

Writing True: The Art and Craft of Creative Nonfiction
We all have true stories to tell: about worlds we know well and new worlds we discover daily. This workshop shows how to capture both, using the power of voice, storytelling, memory, and grace of language to make nonfiction writing come alive—whether writing memoir, personal essay, profiles, or narrative journalism.

Other Topics to Consider
(based on Writing True, the Arts and Craft of Creative Nonfiction, by Mimi Schwartz and Sondra Perl)

bullet Using Research to Tell True and Interesting Stories
bullet The Role of Humor in Memoir
bullet Finding Voice in Nonfiction Writing
bullet The Art of Revision
bullet Writing about Family: Tips and Caveats


Sample of Recent Workshop Appearances

bullet Geneva Writers Conference, 
spacer Switzerland
bullet Katchamak Bay Writers
spacer Conference, Alaska
bullet Vermont College Summer
spacer Writers Conference, Vermont
bullet Cape May Writers Getaway,
spacer New Jersey
bullet NHPW Workshops -
spacer New Hampshire
bullet Ludington Writers
spacer Conference, Michigan
bullet Over 55 at The Seasons
spacer at Smithville, New Jersey
bullet Community Without Walls,
spacer New Jersey
bullet Oberlin Public Library –
spacer Writers Series, Ohio
bullet Princeton Public Library
spacer Writers Series, New Jersey
bullet Writers Voice, New York